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Color Theory from Paul Klee

paul-klee-color-studyIf you like colors and want to play with colors, you should visit Paul Klee.

Paul Klee was a German-Swiss artist born in 1879 who fell in love with colors and tones. You can learn to use warm and cool colors. His paintings are simple and child-like and children of all ages should try his style of painting.

Paul Klee paintings also used a lot of geometric forms and shapes. You can see cityscapes or even faces using common geometric shapes. Use of letters, numbers, arrows, animals, and figures are also seen in many of his work. Some of his works are completely abstract.

His style of painting is called Expressionism.

Learn the power of colors and tones from Paul Klee

What are warm and cool colors?

Orange, red, yellow and a combination of them creates the palette of warm colors. It makes you think of sunlight and heat.

Cool colors are blue, green, purples. These colors have the ability to soothe.

Warm colors bring things closer, cool colors seem to take your eyes to the backdrop.

What are tones?

Tones of a color are created by adding white, grey or black to a color. When you add these colors you alter its lightness.

The darker colors help you to bring light colors more in focus.

Create a balance and focus using these techniques.

What do you learn from Paul Klee’s paintings?

  1. You study color and use tones of colors to express your paintings.
  2. You can learn to use geometric shapes to make a picture.
  3. You can also use symbols.

What do you need?

  1. Watercolor or acrylic paints
  2. Watercolor sheet

First, we will try working on tone of colors. See his paintings ‘In the desert” or “Ancient Sound”. Think an area in focus, paint it with bright colors and then move slowly to dull shades. Try with warm colors too. Here is one I have created with my colors.

See Paul Klee paintings to understand better.

Try out your own paintings. I have tried to create different styles of Christmas tree inspired by Paul Klee. Create layers to create the depth of the picture. The fishes are brought to focus using a dark tone for the background. You can use warm and cool colors to bring this effect.

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” -Paul Klee.


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