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Piet Mondrian and Primary Colors

Kids paint Piet Mondrian style using lines and only primary colorsHere we have again, an artist who like the Delaunays, painted geometrical abstract forms. The purpose of this art was to simplify art to the extent that it has only lines and primary colors on it. So we have Mondrian art project for kids to paint simple abstract pictures. 

Piet Mondrian was born in Netherlands in 1872. His father and his uncle were both artists who influenced him to be an artist. After his formal training in art, he started teaching art and also painted landscapes of Holland. He was influenced with pointillism ( painting with dots ) and cubism. Later his art evolved into an abstract form of art and had a distinct style of its own. Piet Mondrian established the De Stijl movement along with Theo van Doesburg in 1917. 

One of his most famous paintings is the Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue (1921). This painting had a grid of black lines where vertical and horizontal spaces were randomly colored with primary colors. This started Piet Mondrian’s series of images where he simplified his art to give the basic form of beauty. Now these are used as designs almost everywhere, architecture, advertisements, fashion clothing and also by other painters.

Piet Mondrian’s art style has been also an important art lesson for kids. The children are introduced to primary colors and basic lines. They learn to compose a painting with these basic elements and create a balance in its forms.

Art project for kids

For this Mondrian art project for kids watercolor paper, acrylic paints and a black marker.

Children above the age of 4 should try to paint in Piet Mondrian’s style.

piet-mondrian-style_lilcreativekidsFirst, create a grid of vertical and horizontal lines. The grid will create blocks. Paint them with primary colors. Remember that these blocks should not be in a definite pattern but in completely random order. Paint two layers of acrylic if one layer of paint does not give that solid look.

Now let’s move a step ahead. We will let these lines converge to give a feeling of depth, Draw these lines so that they meet at the vanishing point. Then draw those radial lines and paint it in blocks.

piet-mondrian-style-kids_lilcreativekidsCreate objects, animals or anything and fill it with this pattern. Here we have created a house and a truck.

Piet Mondrian also used primary values like black, white and grey. So try one with these colors. 

Create other abstract images.

What children learn from Piet Mondrian’s paintings?

  1. Art can be beautiful with only simple lines and basic primary colors.
  2. There needs to be a balance in objects to create a composition.
  3. Creating random blocks with a grid of horizontal and vertical lines.

Abstract Ganesha painting using Piet Mondrian Style

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