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Playful Faces in Style of Kenny Scharf

kenny-scharf-pop-art-stage1It is time to visit another pop artist of this century. Today we talk about Kenny Scharf and his art. Kenny Scharf is a painter, sculptor, muralist and an installation artist from America. Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat were contemporary artists in New York.

Kenny Scharf calls his art Pop Surrealism

“Surrealism is about the unconscious, and I feel my work is about the unconscious. The images come from the unconscious except that my unconscious is filled with pop imagery”, he said

kenny-scharf-pop-art-stage1aSome of Kenny’s works include Cateyeguy, Bloobzibloopzibloop, Cosmic Donut, Bear Jungle, In Ecstasy, Hurdy Gurdy. His paintings are varied and include almost everything. But his art keeps the sense of fun and joy that not only relates to art making but to life itself.

Here we visit his signature imaginary cartoon-like faces. He painted many murals of his playful faces on the streets of New York. These faces  are each three-dimensional, each face has its own personality and is painted in bright oil colors and portrays different emotions mainly happiness.  He remarked that there are darker themes beneath the surface of his works which visible on closer inspection. His faces are closely packed and overall gives a happy feeling somewhat like the artworks of Takashi Murakami.

Paint in Kenny Scharf style

kids will love to paint Kenny Scharf playful faces
Kenny Scharf uses mixed media including oil paints. Here we are using acrylic paints on canvas. You can also draw it on acrylic paper.

Create your own style of cartoon-like faces. Check out the signature faces of Kenny Scarf. They are imaginary and can take any shape. So start filling the entire sheet with playful happy faces. Outline them with an acrylic pen. Paint them with bright acrylic paints. Once you have filled up with the base color, start shading the faces to give the 3-dimensional effect. To give a 3D effect, shade darker shades on one side, slowly moving into lighter tones. Paint another layer if you feel that the faces need more depth. The eyes are quite expressive and lifelike. Paint the eyes in concentric circles of blue or green and add a stroke of white to give the dazzle in the eyes.

His faces have a wide smile with different teeth structure. They are shaded with black and blue. Go on adding layers till you are satisfied with your painting. 

What did you learn from Kenny Scharf’s paintings?

  1. Paint 3D faces using different tones of colors.
  2. Give different expression to faces by changing the shapes and sizes of the eyes and mouth.
  3. Use white in acrylic. Unlike watercolor, white is the most widely used paint in acrylic. Transparent white is used to create a subtle shift in tone but the opaque color is used to add luminance to the painting. Kenny Scharf uses white to create that 3D effect.

Kenny Scharf brings art to everyday life. Paint these joyful faces bringing smiles all around you. 

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