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Paint Pop Art In The Style Of Romero Britto

Painting pop art is fun. Romero Britto art form is known as pop art. This art is bright and vibrant and children of ages love to paint in his style.

Britto is a Brazilian Pop artist who lives now in Miami, Florida.

First, visit some of Romero Britto pop art.

To make this type of painting, you should take a large size (A4 or larger) canvas or paper. We are using acrylic paints to make the painting bright and beautiful.

Children above the age of 5 years should try to paint his style of painting.

romero-britto-kidsThe design and colors of Romero’s paintings have distinct breaks. He has an influence of cubism. The paintings have sharp edges, bold lines, and angles. Images overlap creating a busy look of the artwork.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to try out his painting.

You need to think in his lines and make your own pattern and figures. In fact, once you have seen the paintings, you should close your eyes and think on your own.

Remember there is nothing wrong or right. We want the painting to look bright and colorful. We want to try out patterns.

Step 1

britto_lilcreativekids_stage2Draw your picture. I created two smiling frogs, dancing. You can draw people dancing, Disney characters, cute animals and smiling faces. Remember always draw it big covering the whole page.

Step 2

Once you are satisfied with the sketching, start filling with acrylic paints. Make it flat with no shading. Mix just enough water so that the color moves smoothly on the canvas and the canvas behind is not visible after you paint. Apply two coats, if necessary, to give the flat, solid look of paint, Paint only once the base color has dried up.The boundaries should be sharp. You can use a round tip thin brush when you want to paint the corners to have the sharp edge.

Step 3

britto_lilcreativekids_stage4Continue coloring until you have filled up the entire base. Again balance the light and dark colors. See that you do not color the same shades next to each other. Once you have used up all your base colors, you can mix colors to create new shades. 

When one pattern intersects another pattern, use another color. See that the paints around the area have dried before you paint in an area.

Step 4

Now start adding outlines and patterns. Try to use round tip brush. for outlines and patterns.  If you have markers which work on acrylic, you can use them too.

What can you learn from Romero Britto’s  paintings?

Learn the first step of coloring flat. You need water just enough for your color to flow. Do not mix too much water. Do multiple layers to have the solid and flat look.

The colors are mainly primary and complementary colors. Use them creating a balance between all shades.

He uses white judiciously. Leave white in the picture.

Outline with black. Practice draw outlines bold and steady with brushes.

Learn to create patterns. Wait for the base color to dry.

Read about every artist and his style. Visit his official Website at  http://www.britto.com/.



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