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9 Tips To Preserve Kids Art

store-child-art-folderI am sure every parent love the way their children paint and would like to preserve each and every artwork of their children.

I have tried to do the same and have gone through many stages of preserving my daughter’s art. Now when I look back, it feels great to see her journey through art.

Usually, when children are young they express entirely through drawing and these arts express their feelings. Encourage them to create.

So how do you display and save children art?



1.Keep it in a physical folder

My initial attempt was to keep all her paintings safe in a physical folder with pockets. The plastic flaps help to protect the art from wear and tear. For larger pictures, I used A3 size folder which you can buy online.

2. Laminate it

Laminating is also a good way to protect artwork done on ordinary paper. Lamination can be done for all sizes of paper and you would find local shops to do. Before you laminate, you can put the age of your child in the back of the paper. You can then store the laminated sheets in boxes or in folders.

3. Keep it online

Even if you keep it in a physical folder, you should also keep it online. This helps to retrieve your pictures easily and you would have it forever.

You can have your own blog and post all your pictures. You can have an album on facebook. Flickr is also a good place to store children art. Name her pictures too.

There are also sites like Look and learn art where your have your own child album.

4. Frame it

You should definitely frame the ones which stand out and hang it on walls. The children are encouraged to draw more when they see their art been displayed. You can get custom framing done at the local hardware stores.

Other ways to display are is to pin it to a clean surface, hang it on threads or stick it to the fridge with magnets.

create-magazine-for-children5. Create a magazine for her

I started to create a magazine for her when she was 8. I compiled a sort of a magazine of all the things that she created for the year.  That included paintings, writings, poetry and even ads and brochures. You can use something like Microsoft Publisher or other desktop publishing software to create this. I then gave these to her grandparents and relatives. Your child will feel proud to find her creations being published.

This is a nice way to preserve the art as well as a gift it to her grandparents and other relatives.

There are many free desktop publishing software to create this. You can use Scribus to create. Microsoft Publisher is also a good publishing software.

Your child will feel proud to find her creations being published.

6. Keep it in boxes

Keeping it in boxes is another way to store paintings. This comes especially handy when the child is creating a lot of craft work. Mark the age and year on each box when you store.

It is an experience to see your child grow through different stages of art. Children are so original in their thoughts when they are young. It is really worth preserving.

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