Simple Calligraphy for Kids

Now that the Holidays and the New Year is near, I am sure you wish to paint some greetings cards.

You can draw almost anything for Season’s Greetings or a Happy New Year card. It can be an abstract painting or you can choose from one of the many styles of artists you can find here.

But one thing you would definitely need is to print these words ‘Happy New Year’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ on the cards you made at home. And this brings us to the art of good lettering or calligraphy.

There are definitely other ways to print on a DIY card like using a stencil or rubber stamps.

But today we talk about how to write beautifully.

What can you use to write? You can use almost anything, a coloured pencil, a crayon, a marker, brushes. There are special calligraphy pens. We even get puffy paints which can help to give a 3D effect to the letters.

Simple Tips for Good Calligraphy

  • Start simple. Do not use complicated lettering techniques.
  • Always have some guiding lines to start your lettering. The size of the words should remain constant throughout.
  • Try to centre your lettering. Usually, we start and then we realise that there is not enough space. We cramp the letters to fit the rest.
  • The colours of the print should stand out from the background. Use proper but not too much contrast. Like blue is a cool colour. So it will go well with other cool colours like grey, purple or even black.

What makes writing fun are the calligraphy pens. These pens have varying widths of the nibs and the strokes are the key to good writing. Even adjusting the angle of the pen is important. 

There are special, colourful, chisel tip markers which the children will love to use. Watercolour brush pens is another medium that can be used for writing.

Before you begin, see some good examples of calligraphy.

Here are some tutorials for calligraphy for kids on YoutubeYou must also watch simple lettering techniques from Doodles by Sarah.

Here we have the bubble lettering. We were inspired by the pop artist Burton Morris.

I am sure you will enjoy making the cards and sharing them among the people you know.

Happy New Year to you all !!!




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