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Stik Art for Kids

Last week we visited the graffiti artist Thierry Noir. This week too, we will visit another graffiti artist, Stik. Stik is a street artist from London and is known for large stick figures. You will see Stik people resting, dancing, climbing and doing many things bringing life to streets and buildings of London. They are sometimes overwhelming and sometimes mysterious. He maintains himself anonymous, hiding behind the art.

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Earlier in his life, in early 2000,  when Stik arrived in Hackney London, he was homeless and had to stay in abandoned buildings. He felt the harshness around him and to soften the gloomy surroundings he started drawing these figures. They look simple with just six lines and two dots but these figures have deeper social messages and are packed with emotions. He had to make them simple in order to paint it fast in the fear of being caught.

Stik fits his art with the immediate architecture and location behind it. If you see his art, you will feel that it was meant to be there. People loved Stik’s art so much that they never disturbed his paintings.

three-legged-race-stik-styleLet’s paint in Stik Style

We are using Canson Montval acrylic paper A5 , acrylic pen marker, and some acrylic paints.

Children age 4 and up should try these paintings. The figures are drawn in six lines and 2 dots. There are no nose or mouth.

First, think of your figures. What are they doing ? Stik has his figures slightly bent forward as if they are ready to do something.

Art Challenge

Here is an art challenge that you can try out with your friend. Ask your friend to take any position and you take the daring step to draw her in Stik figure. I am sure your friend will not make it easy for you and it would be a great art lesson to draw human figures in action.


My daughter loves reading but she actually reads in awkward positions, twisting and turning her body in any way she wants. One favorite way is to keep the book on the ground and the hang out of the bed to read it.

I tried Stik style to depict the position.

Gymnastics is another favorite pass time and now and then you will find her doing back bends and somersaults. Below, I captured her doing a somersault.



Follow the leader is a game where the children line up and follow the leader’s action or path. It can be simple actions like sitting down or standing up or it can be challenging too. Here we have something like this.



What can you learn from Stik?

  1. Learn to draw human figures in action. See that they convey some message through their action.
  2. Learn to use a background. Use cut-outs from a magazine and draw the Stik figures and see if they go well with the background.
  3. Colour flat will beautiful shades. Create different shades by merging colors.

If you love drawing figures in action, you should also visit graffiti artist Keith Haring.

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