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Takashi Murakami Style of Pop Art

Takashi-Murakami-style-flowers-lilcreativekidsWhen I first saw Takashi Murakami style of pop art I felt I traveled into a world of children and cute characters. Smiling flowers, blinking eyes, colorful mushrooms are some of the imagery he commonly uses creating an innocent Murakami pop art. The artwork is concentrated and it covers a beautiful range of colors.

Takashi Murakami is a pop artist from Japan. He likes uses popping candy like colors for his art. Sometimes he uses different shades of the same color, sometimes you would see contrasting colors for a repetitive image. He started the style of “Superflat” art which is the use of flat planes of colors in art instead of creating depths.

Children should try Takashi Murakami flowers. A picture packed with smiling flowers overlapping each other. The flowers are symmetrical, usually of the same shape but different sizes. Watch as they pop up everywhere fill the entire space on the paper. Sometimes he superimposes cute cartoon characters and manga ( Japanese comic) on top of these flowers.

Takashi Murakami combines technology in his art to create his intense works. His art starts with Takashi-Murakami-style-flowers-lilcreativekids_3the creation of a sketch, then a full-size drawing which is then scanned into a computer. He then paints his colors on the computer till he is satisfied with his painting. Then it is taken out as a print or commercial painting.   

You can use any media to paint Takashi Murakami style of painting. Smaller kids can create with markers.  Create stencils if you want to repeat the motif.

 Check other artists for styles of art that you can do with markers.

What can you learn from Takashi Murakami art?

  1. Draw symmetrical flowers. Repeat your motif.
  2. Sometimes it becomes difficult to repeat the motif. Create different types of flowers. Make it intense, overlapping and smiling. Try to create in your drawing the dense feeling.
  3. Overlap them. Create flowers of different sizes.
  4. Play with colors. Use colors that go with each other.
  5. Fill the entire space of paper by repeating and multiplying your image.
  6. Try drawing Takashi Murakami eyes. They are good to learn when you want to try draw cartoon characters.
  7. Create your style of cartoon characters with large eyes.


Did you know?

Did you know that Murakami does not create his art in the studio but in the factory? He calls his factory Hiropon factory. His art production company is known as Kaikai Kiki and he gets help from staff to produce his art in print.

Takashi Murakami is not only famous for his paintings and prints but also for sculptures, children books, movies for children and commercial art.

Some of his famous paintings and sculptures include Vapor Trail, The World of Sphere , Flower ball, DOB in the strange forest, Kaikai Kiki and others. He has beautifully merged traditional Japanese art into contemporary art.

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