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Thierry Noir Art Challenge for Kids

Do you know the street artist who painted those bright cartoon-like faces on the Berlin wall? He is none other than Thierry Noir, a French artist who started his career in front of this historic wall. For five years he spent almost everyday painting on those gray drab walls with bright colorful images. Now his art is the symbol of freedom.

thierry-noir-style-lilcreativekidsThierry Noir covered the walls with bright vivid colored human-like faces. The heads were purposely kept simple so that he could quickly paint in the risky environment which surrounded the Berlin wall that time. In his own words, he said that his “object was not to embellish the wall but to demystify it”.

Thierry Noir iconic side-faced characters have bold lines and bright colors. The faces are easily recognizable with their big nose, big eyes, and thick lips. The teeth in some faces make them look funny. Then they are colored bright.  Alongside these figures, you can also see animals like crocodiles, dinosaurs, elephants and monsters. These childlike figures are attractive and striking.

Let’s paint in the style of Thierry Noir

Very small children, including kindergartens and grade 1,  should try his paintings. Acrylic paints or crayons like Crayola Twistable Slick Stix, or even Crayola Markers Classic Broad can be used for these paintings. We will use A5 size paper and markers here.

First, visit Thierry Noir’s paintings. Then think of the face you want to make.

Make side faces. You can make one of those distinctive huge lips or those smiles with some tooth out. Outline them with a black marker. Then fill it with bright colors of your choice.

The art Challenge

Here is an art challenge. Can you draw side faces like Thierry Noir to show different emotions? You can only change the chin to show that they are different. So here we have a happy face and then a not so happy face. 




Now can we have a woman and a child with these side faces? The hair made the difference for the face of the woman. The roundish face made it look like a child. 

thierry-noir-style-art-challenge1   thierry-noir-style-art-challenge5

Use the chin as a beard.  Color the beard differently.

thierry-noir-style-art-challenge2So set yourself a challenge to make a face that looks like an old man. Make a sad face.  Slight change in chin lines, eyes and eyebrows can depict entire new expressions and emotions. Since we are not changing the eyes and the eyebrows, it might seem a little difficult.

What can you learn from Thierry Noir’s paintings

  1. Learn to paint faces simple yet attractive.
  2. Painting human side faces can be easy too. 
  3. Learn to color flat and color within boundaries. Broad tip markers are good for smaller children to fill small areas .

If you are interested in other street artists keen on painting faces and figures, visit Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf.

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