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Pop Art Style of Tom Fedro


First, let’s have a look of Tom Fedro’s paintings here.

Yes, it is a form of pop art.  Tom Fedro’s paintings are colorful, vibrant and have bold lines.

His paintings represent a combination of pop art, abstract and cubismHe is an artist from Chicago, USA.  

Tom Fedro loves drawing human faces. So if you are fond of painting faces, you should try one of these.

Paint it big. You can then easily merge and play with colors of different families.

Children above the age of 6 should try his paintings.

What do you need?

What can you learn from his paintings?

  1. Draw human faces. There are a number of ways to draw eyes, nose, hair and lips. See if you can invent one of your own.
  2. Merge colors. Merging colors is an important technique to learn.
  3. Mix and merge colors different families. I love the way he uses his browns and blues. You should try them.
  4. Overlap the main object.  
  5. Make them look happy.

tomfedro_stage1Since Tom Fedro has made many paintings of faces, we are trying to paint faces today. You can draw it abstract. It need not follow the shapes and sizes you would see in real life.

Let’s move through the journey of creating paintings in the style of Tom Fedro.

Step 1

Draw your picture. Here I have drawn faces. You can choose to draw still objects, animals, and birds too. Once you are satisfied with your painting, outline it with Acrylic Paint Marker .

Step 2


Now the fun begins. Choose colors of completely different families and think of merging them. Do not mix too much water with your acrylic paints. Use 8-10 size brush to slowly move from one color to the other. Your colors would not merge in the first instant. So move your brush as you up and down along the area to merge the colors completely. I have used brush strokes which a painter does when he is painting the walls.

tomfedro_stage3Step 3

Cover all the area including the background. Then run your acrylic marker again on the painting.

When I was painting, I also thought over how it differs from pop artist Romero Britto. Romero Britto colors are flat without multiple shades. Romero puts patterns after he colors his base. We see less of patterns in Tom Fedro’s paintings. The overlapping techniques of two artists are quite different too.

So when you paint, think on the style and compare.

Tom Fedro has his own studio, called the Fidostudio on youtube.  See him paint one of his pictures.

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