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Everyday Objects Art Projects for Kids

To create everyday objects art, choose any object around you. Keep it on a sheet of paper and see how can you include that in your drawing. Rotate and till you can convert the object something.

Here I have taken an earring, I kept it on the sheet and looked at it from different angles. At one time I felt that the earring looks like a bird’s head. And since the bird’s beak is long, I felt that this is birds which catch fish. So I added a fish to it. And finally a CLICK with the object itself.

This form of art that is created from the everyday object is also known as reclaimed art.

Christoph Niemann

When I think of artists who loves creating images from everyday objects I am reminded of Christoph Niemann, the artist who lives and works out of Berlin, Germany. He has illustrated magazines like New Yorker, WIRED and the New York Times. He looks at common objects from uncommon perspectives to create something beautiful. His work looks effortless. “It’s an exercise in seeing” as he says. He can convert bananas into hindquarters of a horse,  Apple headphones into a mosquito or a paper clip into a beach chair. These objects by itself look nothing extraordinary but these have been turned whimsical and surprising with Niemann’s extension to the object.

Niemann has written 11 books and has also created two apps. Niemann has collected his works of art from everyday objects in a book called Sunday Sketching. So let’s give up control, see the different perspective of things and create a level of sketching which is very satisfying.


To create art from the everyday objects.


Children above the age of 10 should try this form of art.

Take a plain sheet of paper. Keep a small object. Turn and twist till you can imagine something with it. Start drawing the object. I somehow find it easier to draw when I was using my camera while I am sketching. This helps me with my perspective. Finish the sketch by applying some paints on the sketch.

Here the finger ring meant to be a bird and the hair clip looked like a bridge to me.

Be inspired by artists and try different forms of art.

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