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Winter Art Ideas for Kids – Painting Snow


It is winter and time to do some art activities during the holidays. Nature changes color and looks drier with trees barely have any leaves. One of the fascinating thing during winter is snow and let’s paint a snowy landscape now.

For this winter art project choose to use acrylic or watercolor paints. We will show first to paint snow in watercolor and then in acrylic. You will understand how the two mediums are used differently.

Painting snow in watercolor by leaving white.

penguins-and-snow-watercolorPainting snow by leaving white does not mean a lot of work. We will use the white of the paper to show snow and so we need not paint most of the drawing area at all. We only apply paint on the remaining area to highlight the white. Sometimes it might be easier to mask the paper using masking fluid or white oil pastel to avoid color stains in the white area accidentally. Paint with a white pastel to resist watercolor to flow into the area. Applying masking fluid is another way to resist the watercolor.

Here the penguins have been highlighted by applying a little paint at the corners and the colors have been slowly merged into white. We will leave the background blank and use some strokes to highlight the snow.  Though it is an easy and fast process, it needs a little bit of planning before starting to paint. The white background should add to the picture.

Painting snow with acrylic

Painting in acrylic is different as the colors are opaque and we paint from dark to light. So we actually paint the whole picture in a way as if there was no snow and 

Artist for kids – Carole Spandau

It’s Friday and we need to visit an artist. Today we share Carole Spandau’s paintings who creates a lot of snowy cityscape.

Carole Spandau is a Canadian artist who paints street scenes of Montreal. She paints houses on streets, historic buildings, storefronts and eateries and children. Her paintings show children playing, usually hockey, and that makes her picture even more vibrant.

Visit Carole Spandau paintings.

Art lesson to paint snow in acrylic

draw-snowy-cityscapeFirst, we draw a picture. We have little children in the foreground playing in the snow.

We will paint the entire painting as if there is no snow. Color in layers. Paint flat in the first layer.

Then paint layers to create depth in the objects.layer-acrylic-kids

Slowly paint the opaque white paint on top of buildings, railings, windows and streets to show the fallen snow. The white has been mixed with brown to dull the brightness of the snow a little. Since the sunlight is not too strong in winters, this color adds to the softening of the picture. You can also use purple or blue with white if you are not painting a city.

acrylic-shadingSplatter opaque white paint to achieve the effect of snowflakes. Droplets of paint can be splattered onto the surface by flicking color off a toothbrush.  

So try a snowy landscape yourself. You can also think of other landscapes that you see in winter and paint to depict the beauty of this season.

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